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MardiGrass- Nimbin, Australia

A festival held every year in Nimbin, News South Wales, Australia. The annual event, held on the first weekend of May, is a form of protest against the prohibitions set on the plant cannabis and its use. It attracts around 15,000 people every year. 

Date: 1st Saturday of May for 2 days


Australia Day-Australia

It is held every 26th of January, the biggest smiles as they celebrate Australia Day. It is one of the official national public holidays, observed in every state and territory. It commemorates the arrival of the First Fleet, the eleven ships from Great Britain that established the first European colony in the continent at Sydney cove in 1788. The annual celebration is also the anniversary of the proclamation of British sovereignty over the eastern seaboard of new Holland. 

Date: Annual Jan 26



Carnival-Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

A street party filled with music, parade, food and drinks. Annual celebration held before the Lent and forty-six days before Easter a Christian tradition. Its purpose is to bid goodbye to eating meat and other bodily pleasures in accordance to the Lenten practice of abstinence and sacrifice. In fact, carnival came the term carnelevare, meaning “to remove meat.” 

Date: Friday before Ash Wednesday - Ash Wednesday


Oktoberfest-Munich, Germany

Oktoberfest is renowned the world over as the annual bacchanalia that happens in Munich, Germany. The celebration last up to 18 days from September to the first week of October. Influx of people is approximate 6 million to celebrate annual celebration in Germany to enjoy free-flowing beer and street parties that best define this event. Now it is the largest festival in the world, and copied many times by other countries. 
Date: Late September - Early October



Carnival Of Venice-Venice, Italy

The carnival of Venice is an annual festival in the city of Venice, Italy. During the event people from different classes of society come and mingle by wearing masks to hide their identity. It is also time for celebration and expression. In 1970s the Italian government brought the history and culture of Venice both to strengthen the local grasp of its heritage and to encourage the growth of tourism industry. The Carnival is the centerpiece of this program. 

Date: The Friday two weekends before Fat Tuesday


Sapporo Snow Festival-Sapporo, Japan

It is held in the winter months in Sapporo. This annual event is held every year in Sapporo in Japan's Hokkaido region. Today, it attracts about two million tourists per year. This winter festival lasts seven weeks every February, when the whole of Sapporo becomes a huge display of ice sculptures and snow statues. During this time of year, the town's public spaces—particularly Odori Park, Tsudome, and Susukino—are lined with big and small artistic renderings in ice and snow. 

Date: 1st Monday of February



Sky Lantern Festival-PingShi, Taiwan

Sky lantern festivals are a common event in most of East and Southeast Asia, but there is one that stands out above all the others in terms of popularity. This is the Sky Lantern Festival of Pingshi, in the Taiwanese New Taipei City. Held 15 days after the Chinese Lunar New Year, this is an annual tradition in which sky lanterns are lighted and released all over the city. Taiwan’s Sky Lantern Festival uses a lantern that made up of Bamboo and pieces of oiled paper. It has a candle inside that when its lighted, causes the air inside the lantern to heat up and to lighten, allows the lantern to rise up into the air. 

Date: 1st Full Moon after Chinese Lunar New Year


Songkran Festival-Chiang Mai, Thailand

Songkran is celebrated annually in Thailand. It is their traditional New Year Day celebration from 13th to 15th of April. These dates were originally set through astrological calculations like Islam calendar but nor the dates are fixed. Throwing of water is popular to the event. The Thai people run around the streets with water guns and drench each other’s as they whirl the day away. 

Date: Apr 13 - Apr 15



Full Moon Party-Koh Phangan, Thailand

The Full Moon Party is an all-night beach party on the Kingdom of Thailand’s Haad Rin, a peninsular beach area and town on the southern tip of Ko Pha Ngan (Koh Pangan). This event is celebrated on the night before or on every full moon. 

Date: Once A Month / Every Full Moon


4th Of July-United States

The United States' Independence Day, commonly referred to as the Fourth of July, is celebrated throughout the country every July 4 to commemorate the declaration of its independence from Great Britain in 1776. 

Date:July 4



Labor Day-United States

Labor Day in the United States is a federal holiday in all of the country's states and territories. It is celebrated every first Monday of September. The Labor Day is typically celebrated with a parade and March organized and participated in by trade and labor organizations, immediately followed by program for workers. Workers in America also have a free day for work on this day. 

Date: 1st Monday of September


Thanksgiving-United States

It is observed throughout the United States every fourth Thursday of November. This is usually seen as a chance for families to get together, to give thanks for blessings, and to hope for more in the coming year. People in America, American citizens or immigrants take part of the Thanksgiving celebration. In modern time the celebration of Thanksgiving is also plentiful meal table with the turkey as their centerpiece, pumpkin pies and salad. The Thanksgiving will not be also complete without the family and friends gathered. 

Date: 4th Thursday of November